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Terms and Conditions

The Terms and Conditions of your holiday are set out by both our caravan Terms and Conditions, and Butlins Terms and Conditions and/or Park Rules. Please also review the terms and conditions set out by Butlins on their website at regular intervals, to ensure you are aware of any changes made by Butlins.

Booking your Holiday
Terms of Booking

1. Prices advertised include all facilities such as water, gas and electric; and include four Butlins passes. Additional passes can be purchased up to a maximum of eight in total.

2. Prices advertised do not include an additional £100 bond required to cover any damages / losses identified after the break.

3. You will need to bring your own bed linen as it is not provided as standard, however we do offer linen on request at £25 per break.

4. In order to maintain a clean and comfortable environment for all our guests, we unfortunately do not allow any pets or animals to stay in our caravan.

5. Smoking is not allowed anywhere in the caravan.

6. Keys will be released at 4pm by default. If you wish to collect keys at earlier times of 2pm or 3pm, please state this on the booking request. Alternatively Butlins offer an express check in time of 1pm charged at £15.

7. For safety and insurance reasons, no more than eight persons may occupy the caravan. Note that if it is determined that more than eight persons are staying, then the party will be removed without reimbursement of costs.

8. A ratings system is applied to ensure that you spend your holiday with guests with similar tastes and needs, so ensuring that the atmosphere is right for you and other guests. As such we reserve the right to refuse parties of all adults whose members are aged predominantly under 30, same sex groups or a party of single persons who are not part of a family group.

9. Where there are persons under the age of 21, the lead guest must be a minimum age of 21.

10. Tots breaks have been exclusively designed for younger guests under the age of 5 years old. To ensure that the best possible experience can be had, we cannot accept any booking that does not include an under 5.

11. We recommend that you purchase some form of insurance, as none is included in the price of the holiday.

Making Payments

12. In order to secure a reservation for your holiday, a £50 booking deposit must be received within 7 days of making the booking. This payment will form part of the holiday cost. Until payment is received we reserve the right to let the holiday break to another customer.

13. The remaining balance of the Holiday Cost* (including the £100 damages bond) must be paid no later than 8 weeks (56 days) prior to your holiday start date. If full payment is not received by this date, we reserve the right to re-let the caravan without reimbursement of the booking deposit.

14. If you are booking your holiday less than eight weeks (56 days) from the holiday start date, you will need to pay the full amount at the time of booking. Until payment is received we reserve the right to let the holiday break to another customer.

15. Payments can be made by cheque or by online transfer, unfortunately we are not able to take payment by card. Payments made will be acknowledge with a receipt sent via email/post.

Price Breakdown

16. The holiday cost and payments are broken down as follows:
• Holiday Cost*    
  Base price Price as advertised
  Additional passes If more than 4 passes are required
  Damages / losses bond £100 (returned subject to inspection)
  Bed linen £25 (if required)
  1pm express check-in £15 (optional)
• Payments    
  £50 reservation deposit Paid ASAP (forms part of Holiday Cost)
  Remaining Holiday Cost Paid by 8 weeks before holiday start

Amendments / Cancellations

17. Your holiday booking details will be registered with Butlins 21 days prior to the holiday start date. Any amendments made within the 21 day period will be subject to an additional administration charge of £20.

18. If due to illness, injury or accident you are unable to take your caravan holiday, you must advise us immediately. If we do not receive written confirmation of your cancellation before your holiday has commenced, no refund will be given.

19. If you wish to cancel your holiday, you will be entitled to a full refund subject to following cancellation charges:

Cancellation occurs within 21 days from the holiday start Charge = 100% holiday cost

Cancellation occurs 21 to 55 days from the holiday start Charge = 50% holiday cost

Cancellation occurs more than 56 days the holiday start Charge = Loss of deposit only

20. Should accommodation booked become unavailable due to circumstances beyond our control, we will inform you and if we cannot find alternative accommodation anywhere on site, and if you don’t want alternative dates, a full refund will be given.

Before you arrive

21. Your holiday booking details will be sent via email from Butlins directly approximately 21 days prior to the commencement of your holiday.

22. On the day of arrival, entry to the resort is from 12pm, during which, you can make use of Butlins facilities until it is time to collect your welcome pack at the pre-allotted pick-up time.

23. Everyone in your group that is 18 or over must bring photo identification with them (i.e. passport, driving license). If this is not presented, or the names on your booking do not match the guests who arrive, you may be refused entry.

24. During Live Music Weekend breaks, no one under the age of 18 will be allowed onto the main resort, proof of age will be required on the resort.

25. Only the guests listed on the booking may occupy the caravan accommodation. If any other person/persons are found in the occupation, the guests and unauthorised persons will be asked to leave the resort immediately, and refunds will not be given.

26. Guests are advised not to bring their own electrical appliances, if they do so, they use the equipment at their own risk, and must make good any damage caused to the accommodation as a result of using the appliance.

During your stay


27. Please treat your accommodation with care and respect; it will be inspected at the end of your break by our housekeeping team, and you will be held responsible for any damages identified. Damages / losses may result in the termination of the break with no compensation, loss of your damages / losses bond, and may also forfeit future bookings with us.

28. Please notify us as soon as possible for any defects / damage observed during your stay. We are unable to accept responsibility for any defects not reported to ourselves within 24 hours of the guests' arrival, and you may lose your deposit if not reported promptly.

29. The lead name on the booking is responsible for all members of the party and must make good any losses, breakage or damage done to caravan or its contents during their stay.

30. Strictly no pets or animals are allowed in our caravan. Please note that if Butlins become aware of any pets that have not been declared, your holiday may be terminated without any refunds being offered

31. We operate a no smoking policy in our caravan. Anyone found smoking in the caravan will be asked to leave without refund. This includes e-cigarettes or similar.

32. We reserve the right to enter accommodation at any time and for any reason, to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all of our guests.

33. Vehicles must be parked only in the designated parking spaces provided. Cars are parked at owners’ risk at all times on the Caravan Village and main resort.

34. Although the accommodation is fitted with ramp access, and may be suitable for guests with limited mobility, it has not been fitted out as such, and does not include, for example, internal supports.

35. Butlins is a family holiday park and anyone whose unreasonable conduct causes a nuisance to any other person on the park, may be asked to leave without reimbursement of holiday costs.

36. Any acts of vandalism must not be committed at the accommodation nor on the resort

37. Please do not litter the Caravan Village. Bin areas are provided and should be used for all refuse. All rubbish must be taken to the bins located around the caravan park and not left around the caravan.

38. All sanitary wear must be placed in bags and disposed of accordingly, and not flushed down the toilet.

39. Incendiary items such as BBQs and fireworks are not permitted in or around the caravan. Note that the use of Fireworks is strictly forbidden on the anywhere on the Butlins site.

40. Ball games are to be played on the designated areas and not between caravans.

41. Windbreaks may only be used during daylight hours.

42. Clothes may be dried on clothes airers only. Washing lines are not permitted.

43. All children must be properly supervised at all times and not be left unattended in the caravan.

44. Please do not remove any items from the caravan. Including, for example, moving bedding, sofa items, chairs, soft furnishings, etc outside.

Butlins Facilities

45. It is your responsibility to ensure that you look after and wear your wristband at all times whilst on resort, and shown when requested by Butlins personnel. Guests without wristbands will be refused entry to venues and may be required to leave the resort without refund. Should you lose your wristband, please contact the Caravan Village Reception – there is a charge for replacements issued.

46. Some Butlins facilities/entertainment may not be in operation during off peak season periods, for which we have no control or influence over and do not accept responsibility for at any time.

47. The availability of some outdoor facilities and entertainment may be affected by adverse weather conditions.

48. Please be aware that some entertainment shows use strobe lighting.

49. Butlins venues are subject to maximum capacities set by the local Fire Officer and as such entrance to venues is not guaranteed. As the venues are popular, seating cannot be guaranteed or reserved. As such please arrive to the venues in good time prior to the show.

50. For the safety and wellbeing of our guests, not all facilities are available to everyone and height restrictions do apply on all rides and activities

51. Alternations such as the withdrawal of certain amenities, facilities, activities and entertainment may be made by Butlins for reasons beyond Butlins control. We cannot accept liability for alterations to Butlins facilities and resort from those advertised.

52. Vehicles must be parked in allocated spaces. No parking or driving on the grass is permitted and cars cannot be used for additional or alternative sleeping accommodation. No tents are allowed. All vehicles should not exceed the 10 mph speed limit.

53. Due to the popularity of Butlins, TV crews and other companies may film/photograph on resort, and Butlins may also take their own promotional films and photographs on the resort throughout the year. Please be aware that photographic shoots and/or filming may be in progress during your holiday, and ensure that you are aware of the positioning of cameras at all times. We will not accept responsibility if, contrary to your wishes, you appear on film or in photographs. If you do not wish to appear please stay away from the filming area.

>Health and Safety

54. Children aged eight years and under may not be left alone without full adult supervision. Services/facilities for children over five years old are not child care facilities. Whilst every care is taken, children remain the responsibility of parents or guardians at all times.

55. In Splash Waterworld, all non–swimmers under 14 years old and all children aged 8 years old and under must be accompanied by an adult. Only competent swimmers may use certain flume rides. Please be aware that loose items, including goggles, bracelets and necklaces cannot be worn on the flumes. The adult must remain in the water with the child at all times. An adult may not accompany more than 2 children at any one time.

56. Fairground restrictions and additional charges may apply on certain rides and other facilities. Rides may be closed at certain times for work to be carried out. Rides are subject to weather conditions. Butlins actively works within the Health and Safety Executive’s Code of Safe Practice HS G 175 Fairgrounds and Amusement Parks, which states that operators should “take reasonably practicable measures to identify and exclude any individuals who cannot ride safely”. The code specifically includes persons who “have a physical injury or other condition” that impairs their ability to use the ride safely. Ride attendants assess guests according to these recommendations. Unfortunately, this may present limitations to some disabled guests, those, for example, who cannot brace or support themselves in the seat of a given ride.

57. Should Butlins become aware, or have reasonable grounds for suspicion, that a guest has contracted a contagious disease that has the potential to infect a large number of people quickly, they and their party will be required to leave the resort. If this is not possible, then restrictions will be placed upon their activities and movements in order to prevent the disease being transmitted to other guests. We are unable to offer any refund in such circumstances and strongly recommend that guests obtain suitable holiday insurance prior to travel to cover any such eventuality.

Behaviour and Compliance

58. Smoking is not permitted in any buildings or accommodation. Certain areas on the resort have been deemed as a smoke free zone, smoking within these areas will only be permitted within allocated smoking shelters. Given their remarkable likeness to cigarettes, the use of e-cigarettes can also cause concern amongst other guests, so we kindly ask our guests to only use them in the designated smoking areas provided.

59. For the safety, wellbeing and enjoyment of all our guests, guests shall not bring excessive quantities of alcohol onto the resort. In general, the quantity that is deemed excessive will be at the absolute discretion of the resort team. Whilst recognising the type of atmosphere present during Live Music Weekends, Butlins remain committed to responsible drinking. As such you may bring up to 12 x 440ml cans of lager, beer or cider or 6L of lager or cider in plastic bottles or a 3L box of wine per person or one (maximum 700ml) bottle of spirit per person. You may bring this with you on arrival to the weekend only; there is no re-entry with alcohol. Where excessive quantities of alcohol are/have been brought onto the resort, then the alcohol will be removed and returned only at the end of the break.

60. Where repeated attempts to breach these conditions are made, Butlin’s reserves the right to terminate your break, without refund of monies paid.

61. Please be aware that for licensing reasons only drinks bought in venue bars may be consumed in the venues. Also, you cannot take drinks from one venue to another.

62. We have a zero tolerance policy on drugs. Anyone found taking illegal drugs or any other illegal substance will be asked to leave the resort and will not receive a refund for any part of their break.

63. Butlin’s reserves the right to require that any guest be interviewed on Butlin’s premises, to look into instances of damage or nuisance to property or guests. Any person who refuses to comply, without a reasonable excuse, will be asked to leave the resort immediately and refunds will not be given.

64. To ensure that a safe and secure environment is provided for all of our guests and team, we ask that you please show consideration to others and treat people and facilities with respect at all times.

65. Offensive, illegal, or any form of anti-social behaviour including excessive noise will not be tolerated. If guests fail to comply with these rules at any point throughout their break, or Butlin’s reasonably suspects that they may fail to do so, they and their party will have their booking cancelled prior to arrival and or during their stay whilst on resort, without refund.

66. Your stay will also be terminated if Butlin’s has a reasonable suspicion that any guest has committed, or intends to commit any of the above

67. Live Music Weekend breaks are often attended in fancy dress costumes. To ensure that fancy dress costumes enhance the experience and do not cause offence, the following guide to appropriate attire has been designed to help you. Anyone arriving to any venue or walking around the resort wearing anything deemed inappropriate will be asked to return to their accommodation. Refusal to do this will result in the guest and their party being asked to leave resort and end their contract with Butlin’s. No refunds will be given.

• Avoid anything that can be seen as racially or sexually offensive.

• Don’t wear anything (including T shirts) that has bad language on it.

• Don’t dress up as / celebrate someone who has committed a criminal act.

• Don’t use the Butlin’s logo or brand on your outfits or T shirts.

68. Any complaints received about behaviour or offensive dress on route to or departure from the resort may also result in you and your party being refused entry with no refunds given, in addition we reserve the right to refuse you or your party from booking a Butlin’s break again in the future.


69. On the day of departure, you must vacate your caravan by 10am.

70. The accommodation must be left in a clean and tidy condition, ready for incoming guests.

71. Please ensure all appliances, lighting and heating are switched off prior to departure, and that all windows are closed.

72. Check the caravan for personal items prior to departure, as we do not accept liability for items left behind.

73. Keys must be returned to Caravan Reception.

74. We reserve the right to charge you, during or after your stay, for any loss or damage to our property.

75. You are welcome to use the other resort facilities until 11am on your departure day, but must leave the resort by 11am.

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